With the growing number of singing competitions, PCG Online has developed courses to help candidates learn the ropes. PCG Nashville CEO BERNARD PORTER explains everything!

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This year, with the recent launch of PCG Online (www.pcg24-7.com), those who try for shows like American idol, the voice and America has talent have a powerful assistance system to make sure they’re ready for any big day! One of the most popular (and very affordable) courses on the Multifaceted Artist Development Platform is The essentials of TV show auditions. The program offers an insider’s perspective on how to maximize your chances of success. The course teaches how to prepare for an audition, what to do once audition is obtained, and how to use these shows as a platform to accelerate a career in the music industry.

Although the title of the course includes the term “TV Talent Show,” the concepts taught in this program apply to ALL auditions or talent contests, not just essays for major TV shows. The course consists of three modules, includes over an hour of video instruction, and offers ideas, tips and tricks designed to put artists ahead of the pack.

Singers from PCG programs and workshops who have appeared on “The Voice” include Ameera Delandro, Kelsie May, Jordy Searcy, Madi Davis and Mitch clark. Collins Summer appeared on the 2014 show “Rising star.

“What we’ve done with PCG Online is created a bold training and development program that boils down to the nuts and bolts that every artist needs to know,” says Bernard Porter, Founder and CEO of PCG Nashville, one of the leading career / artist development organizations in the United States. “Artists all over the world can now learn the same concepts that my instructors and I teach in Nashville. We give them basic instruction in many different categories to better understand how to position and grow to meet the standards of today’s music scene. University classes tend to be academic, but we are more in the “real world”. In every aspect of every course, they will learn from a seasoned industry expert who has been there and done it multiple times.

Speaking specifically about the essentials of TV show auditions, Porter adds, “When you step into a playing field, you have to know all aspects of the environment in order to be ready for all kinds of scenarios. Remember, knowledge is power. If you show up for an audition you are bound to be anxious, but if you can make yourself more comfortable and less intimidated by understanding what to expect from this world you are entering, you will be able to portray a “you”. that’s 100 percent. You will not be affected by these intimidating factors because you will know how to deal with them in advance.

Module I presents the PCG Online executive Molly Porter. Having spent years as a talented judge, she effectively covers the full spectrum of what an auditor needs to do to prepare for a successful audition or competition. The wide range of topics she covers includes developing confidence not only in your vocal abilities, but also in expressing your unique personality and connecting with your personal history. This is a key point because shows often choose contestants with emotional stories that will move viewers.

Molly also teaches tips for preparing your voice, and the dos and don’ts of song selection. She says pick a song that you like and know by heart and that is authentic to you, not just a current hit. She also explains how to choose which sections of the song to underline and which to edit to better showcase those voices during a shorter hearing. Other topics include assembling the appropriate wardrobe (cool, casual work is best); find the right balance between hairstyle and makeup; and gather the essentials of “survival” and nutrition to pack in your backpack. So if you do a “cattle call” hearing, you have the strength and equipment to get through the day and perform at your best.

Module II present Rick Barker, Taylor Swift former director and American Idol’s social media mentor. Rick’s video builds on Molly’s insights and delves deep into how to use your hearing and the shows themselves to maximize your exposure and increase your chances of succeeding as an artist. He’ll share the lessons he’s learned managing budding artists, including the specifics that TV show producers are looking for (that’s not all you can think of) and what you can expect not to. not be surprised. Finally, Rick shares powerful social media tips that he encourages students to implement before their audition.

In Module III of the auditions course, Judy Rodman, PCG’s voice trainer offers their foolproof warm-up exercises to ensure that you perform at your best during the audition. Its exercises are designed to be repeated by singers, even when they are not preparing for an audition. To learn more about appropriate voice training, see PCG Online The essentials of vocal performance.

“The kind of mentorship we offer at PCG Online is priceless,” says Bernard Porter. “It’s one of the most important parts of ‘real world’ learning. Having good mentors in your life can help you excel in all aspects of your life. What we have done is identify one of the best teams you could have to lead and help grow your career. “

Launched in november 2015, PCG Online – a collaboration between leading artist development company PCG Nashville and an online education company Classroom24-7 (www.classroom24-7.com) – allows millions of artists around the world to train at their own pace with many of the industry’s most accomplished instructors and coaches.

Aspiring artists will be able to learn from instructors who PCG Nashville Founder and CEO Bernard Porter said to have guided “some of the greatest stars on the planet”. Through the PCG Online program, artists will gain insider secrets from successful music professionals, build the skills needed to be successful in talent contests, and gain the edge needed to promote themselves as artists and thrive in today’s increasingly competitive industry. Specializing in providing world-class online education services and technologies, Classroom24-7 works with top universities, hospitals, associations and businesses.

Bernard Porter2Find out more in the following All access interview with Bernard Porter:

Thanks for your time today! So, what’s a typical day like for you lately?

If I’m not traveling to Los Angeles, New York, or other client destinations, I speak with our esteemed coaches and check on many client development issues. I speak with producers, industry leaders about the potential opportunities. I oversee my team of in-person Marketing, Social Media and Artist Consulting experts, prescribing the development and training aspects of our program and video recording content for our online platform PCG Online www.pcg24-7.com

Can you tell us about your involvement with PCG Online? How did you come up with the idea for this business?

PCG is an implication of our main business PCG Premier Career Orientation (We cultivate artists). We get so many calls from artists all over the world and / or artists who may not be PCG ready. The PCG Online platform gives us the ability to deliver real-world artist development content on demand from around the world.

Have you always wanted to work in this field and with musicians?

During my career, I have always given back and have enjoyed helping everyone that I can. I am who I am thanks to the great mentors in my life.

How long has PCG Online been around?

We launched this platform in November 2015. PCG (Premiere Career Guidance) has been around for 7 1/2 years.

Who are the artists who have used this educational platform to pursue their careers?

PCG Online is a new online learning platform that gives you the basics of what you need to know and learn as an artist. I have selected these coaches and content to maximize your chances of success through development. The PCG team are the premier coaches of the music industry and have worked with Beyoncé, Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Newsboys and several of the biggest stars.

Before starting this platform, what were you doing? How do you think your past professional experience has helped you in the development of PCG?

For over 30 years, I have worked as an agent, manager, publisher, musician, consultant, label manager and much more. The single most important factor that has elevated my career is simply to build a solid foundation with everyone I work with. I am proud of every PCG student and it all starts with building a solid foundation.

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