Will America tire of singing competitions? – She knows

There was first American idol. Now there is America has talent, The voice and The X factor. Do we still have singer fatigue?

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Simon Cowell just announced Paula Abdul will join him, Cheryl Cole and LA Reid at the judges’ table in this summer’s debut The X factor. The show – already popular in the UK – is currently auditioning for contestants.

Do we have too many singing contests?

The big question: does anyone really care? Someone… Bueller?

This summer’s TV programming is already saturated with reality TV shows: American Idol, The voice and America has talent, Just to name a few. Really, how many competitions do we need?

Plus, is there still someone to audition for the shows? After all, it looks like people inclined to audition for reality shows probably would have done so already. Otherwise we’ll start to see more American Idol rejects in shows – oh wait, this has happened with the old one before Idol finalist Frenchie Davis on The voice.

However, if there’s one show we want to pull off, it’s The voice. Why? Because it deviates from the normal concept of the judges’ table. How do we know? Well that’s our opinion – but the show’s ratings have exploded by far so far.

“What I love about this show is that it’s all about positivity. We’re not trying to tear anyone down for a TV moment, ”Christina Aguilera said of the show. “It’s about raising incredible talent because every person that comes on that stage can sing and has a voice.”

Well, at least there are enough shows for everyone.

Weigh: can The X factor succeed with all the competition? Which show do you prefer?

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