Westlife singer Shane Filan on his favorite music albums | Music | Entertainment


It’s the first album I buy and it’s also my favorite of all time. It’s from when I started to like music. It hit after and I played it every day – my mom was going crazy. Michael Jackson was a great inspiration.

BACKSTREET BOYS: The back of Backstreet (Jive)

It’s from the moment when I started wanting to be part of a boy band and have a career in singing. The Backstreet Boys harmonies were amazing and they made boy bands cool. I loved Take That too but never told anyone.

BRYAN ADAMS: Unplugged (Polydor)

Hearing someone sing unplugged and it sounds like a normal album, it’s amazing. He’s also been at the top of his game for 30 years. I’m a ballad man and Bryan is my favorite singer.

ED SHEERAN: X (Atlantic)

These are great songs. Ed doesn’t want to follow trends, he just wants to play songs on his guitar. Thinking Out Loud might be one of the best songs of the last 10 years. He’s proof that you don’t have to have a certain haircut and go to the gym every day to achieve this.


Every song is iconic. Even now their music is cool and you don’t want to skip a single song. It’s catchy pop music that always lifts my spirits.

MICHAEL BUBLÉ: Christmas (Warner)

I think he’s brilliant. Children love it and every Christmas it repeats for two weeks. It’s the new Bing Crosby in our house. Michael has a very easy to listen to voice, the arrangements are amazing and he also has a bit of fun on the album.