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Create a bigger stage for Pinoy music

To say that Filipinos are talented musical artists is an understatement. Music is deeply a part of our culture, from native chants to our undeniable (and perhaps sometimes unbearable?) Love for karaoke and Birit Songs. Over the years, local singers and musicians have produced new sounds, ultimately creating a new phase for popular music with singles and albums played beyond Philippine borders.

Filipino musical artists making waves on the international stage is not really new to us. But with the rise of new female singers with Filipino roots such as HER, Saweetie and Olivia Rodrigo, there may be more space for local artists to make themselves known abroad and, more importantly, the world market is interested in listening to their music.

Keen to make this dream come true, Warner Music Philippines (WMP) with its latest project called Global Pinoy Music (GLOPM). A collaborative movement aimed at promoting Filipino music abroad, GLOPM aims to introduce Pinoy musicians through borderless platforms while creating a space for them to team up with other artists from around the world.

“One of the visions we have at Warner is to have a way for our artist to shine on the world stage. This has always been our guiding principle for the artists we sign, ”Kelley Mangahas, director of WMP A&R, told the Manila Lifestyle Bulletin. “So why don’t we really try to do it and try to give all these artists a roadmap to get there… I think it’s time to really push our artists to really find their own voice, just like how Koreans found theirs on the world stage.

Knowledge transfer is one of the objectives of the initiative. To achieve this, WMP paired national talent with Filipino producers and / or Fil-Global artists. GLOPM also has a mission to bring original and diverse Filipino music, as it offers songs that reflect the culture of every Filipino. While this is not the local music scene’s first attempt to bring OPM to the global stage, the initiative prides itself on focusing on Philippines-based artists and perfecting the type of music they produce.

“We wanted to pick them out and pair them with producers and artists who would enhance the type of music they create,” says Kelley. “It’s invaluable to everyone. They are learning from all of these people and how it is done on a global scale. And because they are Filipino, they are not that foreign… there is a comfort, there is a shared experience that you push for something. This is what we want to achieve with GLOPM.

Leanne & Naara and August Rigo

Currently, GLOPM has launched its first series of collaborations. The first is “AnticipationBy indie-pop duo Leanne & Naara who teamed up with internationally acclaimed producer August Rigo, known for working alongside Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Sean Kingston and BTS, among others. Local band reon worked with Grammy-nominated record producer Xerxes Bakker to “Back to the time. “Bakker is known for his collaboration with Maroon 5, Snoop Dogg, Imagine Dragons, Cee-Lo Green, Ella Eyre, Tungevaag and Quintino.

reon and Xerxès Bakker

In the pipeline is GLOPM’s major campaign which will feature the latest WMP artists who have teamed up with a leading Australian producer for their first single together. Added to this is an artist-to-artist collaboration for singer Keiko Necesario. Finally, Quest’s single “Good Old Days”, recorded with award-winning production duo Kuya Productions, which has gained enormous popularity with mainstream audiences through collaborations with Christina Aguilera, Jesse McCartney, Big Time Rush and Jordin Sparks, to name a few.

Quest and Kuya Productions

“We feel positive and hopeful with GLOPM, and the coming months are very exciting,” Kelley recalls. “We look forward to sharing the work of our amazing artists as well as the producers they have collaborated with. “

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