Ugandan music albums to expect in 2022

2022 is the year when Uganda’s entertainment industry fully reopens after nearly two years of lockdown. The expectation is high that it will be a year filled with bangers as artists return to the booth with some of them lining up music albums. MBU takes a look at the artists who are expected to release albums this year:

“People of the Earth” – Kenneth Mugabi

Kenneth Mugabi’s “People Of The Land” album will be released this month, but only 50 premium copies have been available for reservation. Last year, Mugabi management revealed that the 50 copies would sell for $ 100 each, the equivalent of around UGX 350,000. His fans have already booked to have him once he drops. The singer said his fans who cannot afford the premium copies will be able to stream it on various online channels.

“People Of The Land” will be Mugabi’s third studio album following “Ugandan” (released August 29, 2019) and his hugely popular debut album “Kibunomu” which featured songs like Naki, Nambi and Kibunomu. Mugabi is already on a media tour to promote some of the songs on the album. It also released merchandise, including shirts and caps labeled “People Of The Land”. He says the album is “soul-packed” and is a toolkit for life’s projects.

“I am Joseph” – José Chameleone

The Leone Island Music Empire leader’s album, “I Am Joseph”, was due for release last year on Independence Day (October 9). The album, recorded at Route Entertainment Studios, was heralded as a development of her successful career that spanned more than two decades.

“Forever,” the album’s first project released continued to dominate playlists, but the album was never released on schedule. Azawi freed her African Music album on the same date and that seems to have been one of the reasons Chameleone’s management withheld their release. It was later revealed that most projects required visuals, hence the delay.

According to an inside source, the audios and some visuals for the album are now all finished and just waiting for the release. It is also reported that Chameleone will release a few more singles ahead of the official album’s release later this year. The exact release date remains top secret but we can expect a good body of work!

‘Vibes Out the East’ – Navio

“Artists need to start realizing that albums are the next thing they need to do. I’ve been perfecting the art for a long time and it really pays dividends. I’ll be doing a lot more solo songs. In about five months I’m going to release ‘Vibes Out the East’ that’s gonna be crazy “, Navio said while speaking to MBU in 2021.

Release dates are due to be announced soon, but it is known that Navio will be experimenting with Amapiano, Rap among other genres in the upcoming album which is focused on personal life compared to his recent album “Strength In Numbers”. The first song on the album is dubbed Raha and abandoned in December.

“The theme of my previous album was centered on the track which involved people I respect from all over Africa. This next project is my personal story and my expression for the rest of the continent and the world, ”said Navio. The star. “He aims to keep this freestyle approach but to push a new level of excellence. The next difference will be on this project in terms of experimentation with other genres, ”he added.

Access card

In February 2021, Alexander ‘A Pass’ Bagonza alerted his fans to how he was set to release a new album before the end of the year. “This year you get a love album, I’ll let you know the release date,” he tweeted. Like Jose Chameleone, it didn’t happen!

We don’t know when, but the love album is due out later this year. A Pass has already released albums; ‘African Yayo’ and ‘Nva Kampala’ among which several of his fans around the world have chosen their favorites to earn him a place in the league of the most respected musicians of the +256.

Bobi wine

In May 2021, sources close to Bobi Wine revealed that he was spending more time in the studio compiling a music album. This could turn out to be the album everyone expects given the social stature Bobi Wine has achieved in recent years through politics. Before joining politics, his music was not doing well, having reached the worst low of his career.

Could this be the year he made amends musically? Critics argue that his political influence, on the other hand, could be an obstacle to his music because even if he released a love song, it would be translated politically. His latest song “Agenda” would be part of the new album due out before May.

Kataleya and Kandle

Already considered the best new duo in Uganda, Kataleya and Kandle’s latest song, “Do Me”, is catching on. It’s only their third song after Tonnafuya and Muzibe wa love, and already has 100,000 views after about a month on YouTube. They seem to have their tails in the air and the future is theirs.

An album could be on the way for the singers to Theron Music as they spend sleepless nights in the studio working with top local producers on new projects. Not much has been revealed about the upcoming album, but everything about their release suggests there may be one. With their diversity, Ugandans must look forward to what they are up to.

Fik Fameica

“This year, I’m working on an album that I’ll be releasing in a few months. The other plans are aimed at advancing the brand. I have to be taller than what I am today, that’s what I’m working on. This is the way to go, so expect more artists to make more albums, ”Fik Fameica hinted in a conversation with MBU in early 2021.

His plans may not have worked out properly, forcing him to postpone the album’s release until 2022 and in a recent interview he noted that the album is ready and features several of Africa’s top artists. “I’m going to release a music album… it features the best African artists and I think it will take Africa by storm,” he said. His latest collaboration ‘Champino’ is off the album in prospect and stars Tanzanian singer Harmonize. Release dates should be announced soon.

Dr. Cali

“My album was supposed to come out earlier this year before everyone else’s, but I had a baby girl in my life and became a father. When that happened, there was an urge to make music. inspired by this little girl. As management they decided that we put the album on hold so I could compile better music for the album, “Dr. Cali told MBU last year.

The Mpaka Records frontman has been pretty calm musically, but that’s bound to change this year. Sources reveal he spent time in the studio compiling his debut album which will be released later this year. He has already completed most of the audio projects and is now working on the visuals before a very busy year.


Zulitums’ album ‘Invictus’ performed exceptionally well. Last year he announced that he would be releasing a new album called “My Sophomore” in 2021, but that did not happen. Much like the artists mentioned above, the Blacq frontman Avay Records has spent a bit more time in the studio and shot some music videos that are expected to be on the new album.

Diane with spices

2021 has been an eventful year for Source Management artist Spice Diana. Away from the controversies most of which were created by herself, she managed to pull out a few collaborations, which she had announced earlier the year before.

During a recent interview on Galaxy FM, Spice Diana said she will finally release her debut album in 2022. On her social media, she shared clips of herself working with different producers and she believes her album will be something the Ugandans will fall into. love with.

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