Two Filipino Musical Artists Invited To Join Oscars Class Of 21

SHE (Gabrielle Wilson). WIKIPEDIA

Filipino-American R&B singer and songwriter HER and Manila-based songwriter Len Calvo are among the musical artists invited to join the class of the 2021 Oscars.

The Academy of Cinema Arts and Sciences has invited 395 artists and executives who have distinguished themselves through their contributions to cinema, according to a statement from the Academy.

Industry insiders say the decision to expand membership will promote racial diversity, as the Oscars appear to primarily favor white actors and performers.

The statement said member selection decisions are based on professional qualifications, with representation, inclusion and equity remaining a priority of Academy Aperture 2025.

Manila-based composer Len Calvo.  TWITTER

Manila-based composer Len Calvo. TWITTER

The 2021 class is made up of 46% women, 39% underrepresented ethnic / racial communities, and 53% internationals from 49 countries outside of the United States. There are 89 Oscar nominees, including 25 award winners, among the guests.

SHE – real name Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson – was born in California to a Filipino mother and an African-American father. She won the Original Song Award at the 2021 Oscars for “Judas and the Black Messiah,” a film about the 1960s leader of the Black Panther Party in Chicago.

In the San Fancisco Bay area where she sang, she was known as Gabi Wilson. Her album, “I Used to Know Her”, won five Grammy Award nominations. This year, she won a pair of Grammys for Song of the Year and Best R&B Song for “Better than I Imagined”. One of his songs was used as the soundtrack for the Netflix series “Dear White People”.

HER explained to James Corden how she became a singer and why music is so big in her life. “I’m half Filipino and Filipinos love karaoke,” she said. “So yeah, I love to sing, I’ve always been around music my whole life and just turned to instruments.” She plays guitare.

Manila-based composer, arranger and singer Len Calvo is also expected to join the music branch of the Academy class of 2021, according to a statement from the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

Calvo has won numerous musical notation awards from the Film Academy of the Philippines and Gawad Urian. She was acclaimed for her work in “Pan of Salawal”, the story of a gifted girl with mysterious healing powers who befriended her older neighbor.

Many of Calvo’s films are Filipino productions and have been screened in the international film festival circuit. His last. “Finding Agnes” airs on Netflix. Here are the 2021 guests. Https://

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