Top 10 highly anticipated music albums

Music remains a great source of comfort, especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Since concerts and shows are too few and far between, musicians also spend time in recording studios, producing a lot of music. From Weeknd’s recently announced “Dawn” album, at Porcupine Tree 11e studio album after a hiatus of more than a decade, here are some of the most anticipated music albums, which will be released in 2022.

“Closure / Continuation” by Porcupine Tree

The iconic British progressive rock band’s eleventh studio album is their first studio album since ‘The Incident’, released in 2009. Last year, band drummer Gavin Harrison posted a short teaser video on their network pages. social media and a few weeks later, the group unveiled the release of their upcoming studio album, which is slated for release on June 24. The new line-up will be a trio consisting of Steven Wilson, Harrison and Richard Barbieri, while longtime bassist Colin Edwin will not return. The band have already released ‘Harridan’, the first single from the album.

‘Dawn FM’ by The Weeknd

The Canadian singer-songwriter’s fifth studio album, scheduled for release Friday, January 7, follows his fourth studio album “After Hours”. The album features guest appearances by Tyler, the creator, and Lil Wayne and Quincy Jones will be narrated by Canadian-American actor Jim Carrey. The album is titled “A New Sound World from the Spirit of the Weeknd”.

“Brightside” by the Lumineers

This is the fourth studio album by the American indie folk group which was preceded by the release of three singles: the title track, “Big Shot” and “AM Radio”. The album was recorded in two sessions which took place in 2021 with the title song, recorded in one day. The album is slated for release on January 14.

“Requiem” by Korn

The iconic American nu metal band’s fourteenth studio album is slated for release on February 4. The album, preceded by the lead single “Start the Healing” was written entirely last year, which became the first clue that the album will be released this year. . The COVID-19 pandemic allowed extra time in which the album could be arranged, easing the harsh time constraints that would normally have been imposed.

‘4’ by Slash Ft Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators

Saul Hudson’s fourth studio aKa Slash with Myles Kennedy and the Conspirators, but the fifth solo album in total for Slash, which will be released on February 11. The album was announced last year with the release of the first track, ‘The River Is Rising’. According to reports, the writing began during their “Living the Dream” tour in 2018-19.

‘Hard Skool’ by Guns N ‘Roses

The fourth extension (EP) of American hard rock band Guns N ‘Roses, after the single’ Hard Skool ‘, was released last year. The EP, due out February 25, 2022, consists of two recent singles and two live tracks, and will be their first EP with guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan since joining the band in 2016. The tracks ‘Absurd’ and ‘Hard Skool’ was written some time ago because ‘Absurd’ (previously known as ‘Silkworms’) was performed live four times in 2001 it was leaked online in 2018. Similarly, the audio clip for “Hard Skool was leaked in 2006, with the full version leaked in 2019, under the working title ‘Jackie Chan”.

“So Happy It Hurts” by Bryan Adams

The fifteenth studio album by the Canadian singer-songwriter, set for release in March. Adams has previously released the title track, ‘So Happy It Hurts’, which, as the 62-year-old singer puts it, is about “freedom, self-reliance, spontaneity and the thrill of the road.” The album, which features 12 new songs, touches on many fleeting things in life that truly are the secret to happiness, and more importantly, human connection.

“Family” by Camilla Cabelo

The Cuban-born American singer-songwriter’s upcoming album was inspired by spending more time with her family during the various coronavirus lockdowns in which she returned more to her Latin roots. While a release date for the album has yet to be revealed, she has already released one of the album’s “Don’t Go Yet” tracks. “A lot of it is inspired by my relationships: my relationships with my family, my relationship with my friends, my relationship with my partner… it’s about relationships with other people, so Familia. ”

Untitled album by Avril Lavigne

The American singer-songwriter’s next album, in her own words, will be “pure rock’n’roll back and forth,” after she returned to her pop-punk roots with the single ” Bite Me “. The album could also feature collaborations with “bands that have been around for a while,” as well as WILLOW, Machine Gun Kelly and blackbear, with the album set to release “on top of” this year.

“Sunny Days” by Blink 182

The American alternative punk / rock band will release their ninth studio album in June, two years after releasing their eighth studio album, ‘Nine’. With songs such as “Let’s Party”, “Monster in My Head” and “MTV’s Dead”, this will be the band’s first release after frontman Mark Hoppus’ battle with stage four cancer.