These are the best electronic music albums of 2020

Year in music: 2020 albums

If there’s a silver lining this year, it’s the number of albums we’ve received from some of the biggest and best in the business. It seemed that with Covid-19 forcing everyone to postpone or cancel their tours and festival appearances, it gave them more time to get creative and lock themselves in the studio. Many artists took this time to explore sounds they had never explored or immersed in before, and many used this time to focus on creating a complete set of works. To celebrate the end of the year, we take a look back at some of the greatest electronic music albums released by everyone’s favorite artists this year.

Armin van Buuren – Lost cassettes

‘Lost Tapes’ was more of a remix album than an Armin van Buuren original, but it was still awesome. Jam filled with thirty monstrous remixes that turned out to be festival favorites, it included editions like Ilan Bluestone, Ben Gold and Exis and was a real treasure trove of some of our favorite Armin tracks with a new twist. Serving as a way to relive the remixes of some massive live ensembles, this is the remix’s most sought-after treasure.

Boris Brejcha – Space Diver

Released earlier this year, this highly anticipated album was a huge hit with fans. Released via Ultra Music, he saw Brejcha put together previously released tracks such as “Gravity” and mix them up with brand new tracks to pour. Between energetic club anthems and relaxed, minimalist sounds, there is something for everyone on this album.


The start of the collaboration project between ODESZA and Golden features, BRONSON kicked off with an eponymous album. ODESZA upped the excitement as soon as they tweeted that they had completed a collaborative album with Golden Features, and fans came out strong for this one. Arguably one of the most popular and performing albums of the year, every track on Spotify except one has over a million streams, which is rare for every track also works well. Proving that this was a big deal to say the least, we hope to see a follow up very soon.



Image Credits: Paul van Dyk (via Facebook), Kolsch (via Facebook) , Borijs Brejcha (via Facebook), Joris Voorn (via Facebook)

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