Taylor Swift’s folklore and the 20 best music albums of 2020

A number of artists have delivered some of the best albums this year despite the pandemic wreaking havoc. Celebrities topped the charts and managed to deliver outstanding performances throughout the year with their albums. Songs from the albums managed to make it to Billboard’s Hot 100 list or to dominate the iTunes charts. So here are some of the best albums of 2020, according to Billboard.

20 best music albums of the year 2020

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Rina Sawayama, Sawayama

Rina’s Sawayama surprised pop fans around the world. The album was called a creative mix by Billboard because no one expected it. This album is also Rina’s first album.

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Machine Gun Kelly, tickets for my downfall

Contrary to the name of the album, Tickets to my downfall became MGK’s first album to debut at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 200 chart. Soon, the album began to dominate other charts, including figured out iTunes for a while. Fans of the album praised its chorus and creative bars used in the rap tracks.

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Halsey, maniac

As an artist, Halsey has been an open book in describing her feelings through her songs. So the singer released Manic which took things to a whole new personal level. The lyrics of the songs speak loudly for themselves and show the difficulties that the individual has had on his way to glory.

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Chloé x Halle, Unholy Hour

The sister duo had already debuted two years ago, however, the duo didn’t gain much traction at the time. In 2020 with their latest album, Chloe and Hale topped the charts. With several hits on the album, the sisters became polarized for their incredible album.

Mac Miller, Circles

Mac Miller’s album was released on January 8 and was a perfect tribute to what Mac had to offer. The singer is deceased but this long awaited album still dominated a number of charts including Billboard. The songs are about passion, vulnerability, and a number of other emotions that fans have resonated with.

Phoebe Bridgers, Punisher

Punisher as an album stays true to the confessional narrative it followed. The songs remain captivating with strong lyrics and melodious verses. The album’s title track was also one of the album’s main highlights.

Run the gems, RTJ4

This album was released amid the widespread protest that took place when black lives matter. The messages in the songs are loud and clear and highlight what is happening in the country. He also talks about racially motivated attacks and several other sensitive topics.

Chris Stapleton, start over

Chris Eat’s album to encapsulate the listener with his powerful lyrics and interesting music. The album was called a Musical Treasure by Billboard. The album also topped several charts upon its arrival.

Megan Thee Stallion, Good News

Megan fans have been waiting for her debut album for a long time, so the artist delivered her album. His debut album is fun and creative and explores several new frontiers. The artists collaborated with a number of artists and so the songs on the album turned out to be huge hits.

Ariana Grande, Posts

Ariana Grande has finally made her comeback with the album Positions after a long wait. The album is intimate and romantic and is filled with funny undertones. The singer is therefore back and some songs from her album have also managed to win the first places of the world charts.

Haim, Women in Music Pt. III

Hiam has been producing singles for quite some time now, so the trio have finally released their studio album. The album is filled with slow jams with punchy numbers. The album was named as one of the Most Electric Albums of 2020 by Billboard.

Pop Smoke, meet the Woo 2

This Pop Smoke album was released on February 7th and the rapper met his tragic death days later on February 19th. Fans have expressed their condolences to the rapper during this time. The album however dominated on arrival with electrifying beats and creative lyrics.

Chicks, gas lighter

The music of singers Natalie Maines, Martie Maguire and Emily Strayer on their first studio album in 14 years has been called Alive, by Billboard. Rage and raw songs of grief proved to be proof of this statement. Plus, the songs also have an undermining humorous tone, making it an interesting album to listen to.

Fiona Apple, go get the bolt cutters

Despite a number of albums that have met with mixed responses, the singer is back with yet another hit. The songs were delivered with an intricate patchwork of textures throughout the album mix. The lyrics have also grown in popularity.

Little baby, it’s my turn

This album became a huge hit and topped a number of charts around the world. Some songs on the album also became the flagship songs of the protest within the BLM movement, according to Billboard. The album showcases the versatility of the artist as well as the lyrical genius that he is.

Lady Gaga, Chromatica

This Gaga album turned out to be an extravagant album with interesting rhythms and visuals throughout the clips. A number of songs from the album went on to earn their place in the Billboard charts. Despite a difficult year, Lady Gaga managed to deliver her absolute best through this album.

Bad bunny, YHLQMDLG

Bad Bunny surprised his fans by releasing a surprise album during this year. The name Bad Bunny, YHLQMDLG stands for Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana which translates to, I do whatever I want. The innovative and daring album was highly regarded by fans of the artist.

On weekends, after hours

The Weeknd’s’ 80s-themed disco-themed album topped a number of the music charts for several weeks. The songs on the album also remained at number one in a number of global charts around the world. Fans showed immense love for the song, which also makes it one of the top-listed songs on iTunes.

Dua Lipa, Future Nostalgie

This album is a call back to the dance-pop era. His songs in this album have an aesthetic vibe that sets the right tone. Classic songs seemed to have a new feel with this brand new album from Dua Lipa.

Taylor Swift, Folklore

Taylor Swift also surprised the world by dropping her eighth studio album. The album she released was a huge surprise to pop fans as they were excited to see Taylor release new songs. The album’s tranquil vocals fused with mellow piano riffs and pristine production come together to create just over an hour of cathartic listening and escape.

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