Sing 2 ‘Movie Review: Are Cartoon Karaoke Singing Competitions A Good Option For Your Kids?

Wchicken “Sing: Come and sing” released in 2016, it immediately became a classic. In addition, he managed to lift the statuette to Best animated film at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards.

This fictional film introduced the world to unforgettable characters such as Buster Moon, Rosita and Ash. Five years later, this movie returns with new musical themes, laughs and incredible moments.

The story

“Sing 2: Come on and sing again” tell how Buster Moon, after having had the theater of his dreams, wants to achieve another of his goals: to present a musical in one of the most important cities of his country.

To achieve this, this koala will have to convince a retired music star to sing and play with them, a difficult task to accomplish.

We will see funny moments and a very touching and hilarious storyline, which will delight young and old. In addition, by inserting an antagonistic character like Jimmy crystal, the story grows richer since it is not at all predictable how he will react to Buster’s requests.

“Sing 2” is a tender and funny film. By having so many characters with different characteristics, this film allows us to reflect on self-love and confidence in our talents. No one will invite us to be successful at what we love, so all that’s left is to work for our dreams using our skills.

The music

The first one “To sing“The film was successful because of the script and the characters, but also because of the good music performed by the animated animals. The second installment follows the same line.

The musical choice of the director Garth Jennings is perfect, ranging from the sweetest and most romantic songs to the funniest and most uplifting.

In addition, Bono and Joby Talbot composed music, especially for this film. Without a doubt, this is one of the best reasons to see him in the movies.