Russian World Music Chart announces top 20 Russian world music albums in 2021

The Russian World Music Ranking (RWMC), Russia’s premier world music ranking, revealed the top 20 Russian world music albums of 2021. A total of 40 albums from 15 labels participated in the genre ranking of world, ethnic and folk music, released in 2021, including 12 albums of traditional music.

The new world music charts were launched in October 2021 by Daryana Antipova and Irina Brykova. The goal of RWMC is to bring the attention of the world music community to the new folk music of multinational Russia, as well as to popularize and help in the promotion of unique musicians from remote corners of Russia in the Russian Federation. from Russia and abroad. “With this project, we want to celebrate the world of independent recording, the music label industry and the media that brings artists to the community.. “

The international jury, which includes 16 representatives from Australia, Norway, United States, Hungary, Slovakia, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic and Russia, will select and announce the top 20 albums by the end of each year. “Among them are radio journalists, authors of musical columns in the best publications in the world devoted to folk music. We only invite experts who really rotate or write regularly about Russian artists to the jury. For the participants of the card, it is a real chance to ring the bell to the whole world! “

The best album is “Klyukva” (Cranberry) by Staritsa, an electro-folk group from southwest Russia. Staritsa recreates traditional music with modern arrangements and electro. The group was founded in the summer of 2019 by Natalia and Oleg Soldatkin.

Top 20 Russian World Music Albums of 2021:

1) Staritsa – Klyukva – CPL-music
2) Vedan Kolod – Gorodische – CPL-music
3) Kh̦̦mei Beat РChangys Baglaash РARC Music
4) Namgar – Nayan Navaa – ARC Music
5) Yat-Kha – We will never die – The Lollipoppe Shoppe
6) Shoodja-Choodja – Shooldyrak – CPL-music
7) Uutai – Dope – March Records
8) Opycham – Where to find peace of mind – Sketis music
9) Tatyana Molchanova – Songs for Lidia Ruslanova. Part 1 – Self-published
10) Khara – Mandrake – Music Sketis
11) Kazachya sprava – The sun will give birth the next day – Izba records
12) Gudimir & Shulyakovskiy – Russian album – Gudimir
13) Smorodina Reka – Foreshadowing – Self-published
14) Gralitsa – Little mosquitoes sleep tonight – Self-published
15) Alexey Khovalyg – Reincarnation – Self-published
16) Mila Kikina – Verbochka – Self-produced
17) Balkhar Ensemble – Lakku Balai: Songs of Lak People, Daghestan / Russia – Antonovka Records
18) Gudba Vadzana – Folk Trip – Self-produced
19) Acoustic boots – Kare – Pravda Music
20) Zakaria – Berge – GvinRecords

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