Popular Indian music artists to drop NFTs celebrating freedom

New Delhi: Celebrating the spirit of unity and freedom in August, renowned artists Priya Malik, Vinay Kaushal, DJ Shaan, Nehha Rajpal, Abhishek Bhaskar, among others, are preparing to launch non-fungible digital tokens in the WazirX NFT marketplace . A special tribute to India’s glorious 75 years of independence, the abandoned creations of these leading artists are bound by a common theme of defying norms, remaining fearless and breaking free.

Taking center stage in the NFT Market, popular poet and writer Priya Malik has turned the NFT market upside down with some of her stellar creations “Broken But Beautiful” and “Main 2019 mein 1999 dhoond rahi hoon”. Her next NFT drop, ‘Azadi’, which is a poem written exclusively for WazirX, will be a tribute to women and their journey to financial freedom.

Musician Vinay Kaushal’s creation “Trapped – Moral Boxes” is one of the most discussed NFT creations on the market. Its groundbreaking theme for shattering the stereotypes we are often locked into makes it a fitting outing for Freedom Day. The three-part series consists of parallels drawn on society and greed, through music and dance. In addition to the digital asset, for the first collector, Vinay Kaushal will offer a physical copy of the album with additional benefits.

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Symbolizing strength and individuality, DJ Shaan created a masterpiece called “The Forbidden Tiger”, which sold for 799 WRX, hours after its release on the platform. The reason he chose a tiger for his creation for this occasion is special for DJ Shaan and the country. The national animal of India, the tiger symbolizes individuality, fearlessness, strength and stealth. Music symbolizes the energy and strength of a tiger, while visual art is believed to represent the regal and fierce nature of a tiger.

Identifying this massive trend, WazirX NFT Marketplace Vice President Vishakha Singh said, “The Passion Economy presented a new way for artists to capitalize on creativity and engage with a community. wider. The WazirX NFT Marketplace is on a mission to create more opportunities for our native South Asian artists who inspire their community every day through their creations.

“Regardless of form, art and technology have united people for centuries. NFTs is that business solution for the passion economy. For the month of August, we’re excited to have on board some of the most sought-after artists who will be leaving NFTs based on their personal interpretation of oneness and freedom.

Since the crypto market gained momentum in India, NFTs have gained traction among millennials and millennials. NFT markets are a great platform for artists to monetize their work. Since NFT sales mainly depend on virality, Indian creators are also gaining popularity in the international NFT market.

NFTs not only put the power back in the hands of artists, but they are also seen as a tool for artists and creators to engage with their audiences and unite them with the power of art.

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