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NAGPUR: With the intention of keeping intact the spirit of joy and celebration, the Catholic Association of Nagpur (CAN) has decided to do away with the traditional Christmas carol competitions that take place every year before Christmas. This year, a Christmas carol festival was organized on Monday at the SFS Church with the participation of 35 groups.
CAN, which was relaunched recently after a three-year hiatus, made the move to ensure there was no disappointment among participating groups. “The competitions created a lot of resentment among the participants and we heard comments calling on the judges and singers to feel bad about not winning,” said Jose Thomas, CAN president. “This decision was made in consultation with Father Albert D’Souza of the SFS Church and others. This year, we will be handing out envelopes with a symbolic sum of money to all participants, ”added Thomas.
The Carol competitions are part of the Christmas celebrations and are organized by various churches and Christian organizations in the run-up to Christmas Day. “There is a great spirit of competitiveness at these events and we hope that even if there is no first, second or third prize this year, the participants will always perform in the same spirit,” said the CAN co-secretary Terence Samuel. “We want to get this message across that when it comes to singing, praise the Lord, there is no first, second or third ranking. All who sing his praise are also good.
This year’s decorations at the church were sober and without banners forming the backdrop. “The Archbishop felt that we should only do flower decorations and use lights of different colors. Since there is no competition, it is not necessary to put up banners which gave this event a very commercial aspect, ”said Manish Hirekan, CAN vice-president. Slices of coffee and cake were distributed to attendees after the event.
Calling the competitions good and essential for maintaining the quality of the Christmas carol, Melvin Kirat, who forms various groups for these competitions and also plays musical instruments, said: “It is very natural for those who lose because of the crib and complaint. But the good thing about these competitions is that they help bring together all sects of Christians like Catholics and Protestants on one platform. It helps to unify the community and create a good fellowship.
However, other Christian organizations and many other churches continue to practice these competitions.

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