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In September 2016, Zach Herron, Daniel Seavey, Jack Avery, Corbyn Besson and Jonas Marais reunited to form the boyband Why Don’t We. After five years together and two full albums — 8 letters and The good times and the bad — the boys regain control of their music.

“THE WAIT IS OVER,” the group shared via Instagram in September 2021. “WDW IS BACK AND HERE TO STAY. LOVE YOU ALL LOTS.

In April 2022, the band had to postpone the pre-sale and public on-sale of their 2022 North American tour, per Billboard. “Due to legal complications, we have been forced to postpone the pre-sale and public on-sale of our 2022 North American tour,” a statement from the band read. “We hope to announce new pre-sale and public on-sale dates as soon as possible.”

The band rose to fame after performing in Logan PaulYouTube videos from. Since then, WDW has amassed quite an impressive following on social media with over six million followers on the band’s Instagram account. After a brief social media hiatus to kick off 2020, the band dropped some more music before hitting the headlines with a September 2021 Social Media post claiming they suffered “mental, emotional and financial abuse” from a member of their management team.

Their statement came after Billboard reported the news that their managers Randy Phillips and David Loffler sued in the opposite direction. Randy, for his part, is looking to remove David from the management company while David is suing WDW for breach of contract as they apparently refused to sign a deal with their record company until Randy was reinstated as a single. manager, Billboard reported.

“This is playing out in the public arena now in a continued attempt to weaponize our love for our music and our fans,” the band shared in their statement on social media. “We will no longer be silenced and we look forward to finally closing the chapter on this traumatic stage of our lives.”

Although the boys never named the manager in their social media statement, Billboard also reported that the boys had petitioned the California Labor Commission to terminate their contract with Signature Entertainment.

“While our initial instinct was to wait for the storm to pass (as we’ve been conditioned to do), we’ve matured to the point where we now realize that suffering in silence is no longer an option, it’s not healthy. neither for us nor for us or our fans,” the band also wrote on Instagram.

A statement from WDW’s attorney to Billboard noted that the band “will support Randy Phillips the same way he has supported us since the beginning of our careers”. David’s attorney, meanwhile, alleged that WDW’s comments were ‘untrue’ and ‘hurtful’, according to BBC.

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