Kanye West Says He’s Giving All GOOD Music Artists Their Share Of Their Masters

Kanye West has revealed that he grants all artists signed to his label, GOOD Music, his 50% share of their masters.

West has spent most of this month advocating for artists’ ownership of their own masters, as well as calling out major record labels like Sony and Universal for restrictive contracts.

On Twitter, West announced that “I am giving back to all good artists in music the 50% share I have of their masters”.

He then shared a screenshot of the text conversation with Elon Musk where they discussed the edit, with Musk saying “it will be powerful”.

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West seems to have referenced his own label deals, saying “I don’t think those deals are good either.”

West captioned the screenshot with “Now let Universal match me.”

Some artists signed to the label have already started thanking West for the switch, including Desiigner who signed with GOOD Music after the release of his debut single “Panda” in late 2015, which West later sampled on his 2016 album “The Life”. Of”. Paul’.

Earlier this week, West began describing on Twitter what he thinks will be new fair guidelines for registering and posting deals going forward.

He even said he would help Taylor Swift get her masters back after their infamous sale to a company run by Scooter Braun last year.