JAY B talks about learning from GOT7, working with H1GHR Music artists, and

JAY B has always been an artist for ‘Turn it on’. Never stagnant and ever-changing, the Korean artist has worn a myriad of hats during his almost ten-year long career. Whether as an actor, K-pop idol or SoundCloud musician, he’s no stranger to a new adventure.

Last May, JAY B was announced as the newest artist under H1GHR MUSIC, one of Korea’s most coveted hip-hop labels, with bands like Jay Park, Sik-K, pH-1, BIG Naughty, and much more. The news follows his departure from JYP Entertainment alongside his companion GOT7 members earlier this year.

Despite his concerns and doubts about starting a solo career, JAY B took the opportunity to learn and expand his musical arsenal. “I thought it would be a fun challenge and adventure,” he says Working.

As part of his debut under H1GHR MUSIC, the 27-year-old released ‘Switch It Up’, a sultry, trap and R&B track produced in collaboration with his label. Cha Cha Malone and rapper sokodomo.

Marking the start of his new sound and new direction, JAY B describes the song as “fresh and fun” with no special meaning or story, but rather a track he hopes his fans and new listeners alike can enjoy.

“Since this is a fresh start, I want you to expect it as it is. I’ll do my best not to let you down,” he said.

Asked about the track’s production process, JAY B mentioned how the collaboration with Cha Cha Malone and Sokodomo went naturally and smoothly. “All the people I worked with were all very nice, we had no problems and had fun working on it,” he says.

The singer adds that one of his goals under the new label is to collaborate with his fellow artists from H1GHR MUSIC. “My first goal in H1GHR MUSIC is to collaborate with other artists from H1GHR MUSIC and blend in well with their synergy,” he says.

JAY B has spent most of his time in the spotlight as part of GOT7, accumulating seven years of experiences, memories and lessons. In fact, some of his earliest memories of music date back to the band’s first stages in 2014. “I remember I really worked hard,” he recalls.

As the group takes a break while the members focus on their solo careers, JAY B shares that he’s bringing a lot of what he’s learned from his band mates into the next phase of his journey.

“[From GOT7], I learned that whatever it is, you have to approach it with sincerity and work hard without regret but without having too high expectations, ”he says.

After the release of ‘Switch It Up’, JAY B has a lot more music and projects in store. Wanting to show off a whole new side of his artistry and musicality, the artist said he is working hard on his next releases. He shared that he might even drop new projects like def., soon the singer’s producer.

“I think the def is a more laid back version of me. JAY B would show a relatively cooler and prepared side. I’m also going to release some def music when it’s ready. And I plan to try a variety of other things. that music as a def. “, he shares.

Watch JAY B’s performance video for “Switch It Up” here.

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