Have you ever wondered what iconic music albums could look like in minimalist form? A new impression reveals it all

With 35 iconic album covers from bands and musicians from around the world, Dorothy’s The Color of Iconic Albums takes us back in time. There are reinterpretations of Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys, Sgt. The Beatles’ Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, among others.

Why a circle? “The graphic discs are inspired by the humble vinyl record, the ring of colors becoming the grooves,” explains Oli Rogers, designer at Dorothy.

How many iconic albums can you recognize from their color palette without knowing which album is being celebrated? Nirvana’s Nevermind immediately takes on its true meaning, with its blue hues suggesting water and perhaps ripples. The shocking pink and electric yellow representing a Sex Pistols classic should also be pretty obvious. Does Oli have a favorite? New Order power, corruption and lies, apparently.

“When I was studying art in school, I wanted to be the next Peter Saville,” Oli recalls. “I remember borrowing my dad’s copy of Power, Corruption and Lies on vinyl and leaning over the encoding system on the right side of the album for hours. I’m pretty sure I did. ended up ripping it off for an A-Level project I did.

“For the disc Power, Corruption and Lies, I experimented with the use of reds, pinks and whites of roses in Fantin-Latour’s painting, but I finally thought that the colors of the code were more synonymous with the album cover for me personally. This was the case with some of the designs, using colors that evoked the essence of the album rather than including every color on the cover, for example, the flag American from Born in the USA and Nevermind Water. “

Oli adds, “It took a while to distill or argue our long list of just 35 iconic albums (honorable mentions to Paul Simon, Talk Talk, Animal Collective), but we think they’re a pretty strong band. is a great playlist! “

The color of the iconic albums is a four-color lithographic print available for purchase from Dorothy’s store for £ 30. For anyone interested, Dorothy has also designed a special edition called The Color of British Albums for their friends at British Music Experience, which features album covers of uniquely British bands. The non-profit museum is based in Liverpool, Dorothy’s hometown, which celebrates the history of British rock and pop music from the 1950s to the present day.