Forecast 2022: Los Angeles Musical Artists to Watch with Spill Tab

Photo by Jade Sadler

Spill Tab has spent the past two years developing their eclectic and bubbly take on chamber pop, a road that culminated in the release of two radiant EPs. Claire, the Franco-Korean-American at the origin of the project, is still surfing the heart of the very collaborative Bonnie who saw her join forces with a stellar group of musicians and friends. Created while trapped in quarantine, the EP is one of the most exciting releases of 2021.

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Coupling Spill Tab’s ever-penetrating songwriting and ear for genre hooks, the EP vaporizes all notions that chamber pop has been wrung out and all that remains are the same, familiar, drab drops of banal tones. From the cheerful coos of woozy indie-pop rock track “Anybody Else” to the floating reverie of “PISTOLWHIP” before rocking into an overwhelming cacophony of divided riffs. Every song on Bonnie unfolds like a new melodic world of the wonderful creation of Spill Tab. But nothing beats Spill Tab humming in French, as she does to the fast beats and heart-pounding beats of “en quatre”, a song produced in Paris with Myd and his close friend / collaborator-in-chief Marinelli.

Los Angeles brings together artists to follow in 2022

The collaboration has become a lifeline for Spill Tab, as it has for many artists during the pandemic. At Bonnie, She is joined by Canadian rapper Tommy Genesis for the track “Indecisive”, as well as rising singer / songwriter Gus Dapperton for the Heartache of a “Velcro” anthem and JAWNY for the swirling “Grade A” jammer.

After depositing Bonnie – and believe us, you’ll have a hard time doing that – his first EP Oat milk is a phenomenal introduction to the first sound of Spill Tab. The EP is filled with more atmospheric sounds, intimate stripped-down pop tracks and a happy interplay between its English and French lyricism. The opening track “Calvary”, with its intoxicating soundscapes and concussive bass, points to the hidden depths of Spill Tab’s repertoire and the rest of the tracks only confirm its refusal to be cataloged. A full debut album is not far off, but every time it arrives you can bet it will top the “Best Debut Album” charts that year!

Visit the Spill Tab website, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on new releases and tour announcements. Follow her on Spotify.

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