Facebook could start organizing singing contests among its users

Facebook appears to be working on a talent show feature that would allow users to record themselves singing and then submit their videos for review. In the application code, the researcher Jane Manchun Wong spotted an interface that would allow users to choose a popular song and then record themselves while singing it.

The feature could allow users to compete against each other in a sort of talent show and allow talented singers to show off on another platform. Wong notes on Twitter that the feature appears to be locked down on Facebook Pages, so only Page Admins can run a talent contest.

The spotted code gives a clue to what Facebook had in mind in March when it signed a music licensing deal with Warner, adding to its deals with the other two big labels, Universal and Sony. Facebook said at the time that it would look for other ways to integrate music on the platform and this “Talent Show” feature appears to be one of them.

In June, Facebook launched a feature called Lip Sync Live, a direct competitor to the lip-syncing app Musical.ly. Lip Sync Live allows you to start lip sync with a song while streaming live and gives viewers the ability to see the artist and song name and follow the artist. The feature film incorporated music covered by licensing agreements, such as “Havana” by Camila Cabello.

Of course, just because it appeared in the code doesn’t necessarily mean Facebook will fully deploy it, but it’s a good look at what the company wants to experiment with.

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