Director plans to empower up-and-coming music artists

Founder and Director of ZG Music Promotion, Zukisa Khwapuna.

ZG Music Promotion Founder and Director, Zukisa Khwapuna, from Bheja to KwaBacha, is on a mission to nurture local and national artists by elevating their talents.

Khwapuna said he realized that some artists don’t use their talent because they don’t know where to start. He said some even took other career directions because they didn’t know what to do to elevate their talent.

“I started this company with the aim of helping them by promoting them, especially those who fail to reach media platforms. When artists don’t get help, their talent fades. That’s why I decided to support them,” Khwapuna said.

Some of the artists he has managed to help include Nokhaya Baba-Mahelu from Cala, Mazibuko Xolidiza from Qumbu and Cwenga Magadlela from Willowvale.

He started this business in 2019, having previously found success as a gospel singer, having released four albums to date.

Her debut album, consisting of 10 songs, was released in 2014. It was titled Asibuyeli Emva. The second was released in 2017, titled Bheka uJesu Yedwa and contained 11 songs. Then in March 2020, he released another album, named Amandla Endumisoin November 2020.

He then released a single, titled Vinjwe Icebo linen Lakho.

“I sing gospel because I’m a Christian and the only thing I know is gospel.” He said he is available on WhatsApp 061 310 2184 and his Facebook page is ZG Khwapuna.