Carol singing competitions herald the start of Christmas in Nagpur | Nagpur News

NAGPUR: Well-orchestrated pieces of music from school and church auditoriums signal the arrival of the Christmas season. Carol singing contests are now an integral part of Christmas celebrations and see the participation not only of Christians but also of people from other communities.
Once sung by groups of young boys and girls visiting neighborhood homes, the Christmas carol has now changed in size and scale. “The concept of the competitions started from Sunday schools where children came to learn about religion,” says Lillian Makasare, principal of the Bishop Cotton School (CBSE). Today, Christmas carols are part of the extracurricular activities in many schools, she says.
“In an inter-school competition held on December 8, over fifty schools participated and the competition was intense,” she says. “More than mission schools and convents, it is the public schools that participate with enthusiasm. In the past two years, Sandipani and Bhartiya Vidya Mandir have won awards.
With their message of joy, peace, love, sharing and caring, Christmas carols are a treat to sing and listen to. “The best part is that they are sung in three languages ​​Hindi, English and Marathi for everyone to enjoy,” says Carol Rao whose grandfather, Reverend R. Courts, was a missionary who started them. competitions at the WME of India Central Church in Raj Nagar. . “The number of participants has grown over the years and there are now almost 25 to 30 groups performing at eight major competitions held in the city,” she said. “Only one Christmas carol is now performed by each group and the competitions always extend into the late night,” she said.
The competitive spirit has also resulted in a huge change in presentation. “Previously, participants came dressed in ordinary clothes and only very young children were dressed fancifully,” says Sheena D’Souza, musician and winner of many Christmas carol contests. “We were an independent group under the name Local Vocals and started this trend of wearing a uniform and that quickly caught up,” she says.
Most singers use the church hymnbook to select what to present. “As Christmas carols bring us the joyful news of the arrival of Jesus, their tone is joyous and joyous,” says singer Michael Morde. “Many are now experimenting by taking a traditional Christmas carol and putting it to a fresh tune to give it a new twist. But whatever they compose in any language, a Christmas carol is always bouncy and joyful and many come dressed up as Santa to dance with him, ”he adds.

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