Canadian musical artist group Hous3 of Commons presents their debut album LASA6NA – The UBJ

Hous3 Of Commons (HOC) is a producer-artist group. Their goal is to produce breakthrough songs and build a successful discography across all platforms. HOC’s path to success. includes collaborating with other Canadian musical artists and industry professionals to create consistent, high-quality musical content.

HOC was founded in 2018 and some collaborators include LB SPIFFY, Portion, K Money, 6ix Buzz Entertainment, Duvy, Lococity and OVO-afllliate 2Kz

Hous3 of Commons releases their debut album ‘LASA6NA’ in March 2022. Hous3 of Commons’ long-awaited EP ‘LASA6NA’ is a beautifully composed collection of 8 songs featuring some of Toronto’s top artists: LB Spiffy, Portion, Duvy , Nue, Hoodbaby Peppa & Rah ​​Rah, Munna Cash, Blockboi Twitch and JohnC 7120. LASA6NA, a veritable showcase of pain-filled lyricism over melodic compositions, hard-hitting progressive drum patterns and prominent acoustics mixed with a touch of synthesizer instrumentation all come together to captivate and connect with listeners on an emotional level. The title LASA6NA was inspired by the famous Italian lasagna dish, which is prepared using an array of layers and ingredients that stick together covered in tangy cheese and pasta sauce. The cheffing and cooking aspect of the lasagna dish is very much like the process behind creating the music for this project…not to mention, “real Gs move in silence” – Lil Wayne

Mini Draco & Styrofoam Cups featuring Duvy is the second music video to premiere with the release of the album on Hous3 from the YouTube Commons channel. This song takes viewers and listeners through raw and cold solo scenes of Duvy performing the emotional ballad where he talks about loyalty trumping love and lack of trust in his friends. This song is the perfect sequel to Duvy’s single “Nightmares” and is found on the outro of this classic album from producer LASA6NA.