Award-winning musical artists Rhandzu Lucretia and Will Diehl announce the release of a new single – So Freely

Award-winning South African musical artist Rhandzu Lucretia

US-based singer-songwriter and producer Will Diehl in concert

US-based singer-songwriter and producer Will Diehl in concert

Award-winning South African musical artist Rhandzu Lucretia

Award-winning South African musical artist Rhandzu Lucretia

South African and American musical artists meet for a virtual collaboration between World, Pop, Jazz – Xitsonga and English – for songwriting during the pandemic.

Working remotely with my new friend Rhandzu Lucretia has been a wonderful experience. I had already written an instrumental piece, I shared it, and she wrote a beautiful melody and lyrics for it.

— Singer-songwriter Will Diehl

MANASSAS, VA, USA, January 24, 2022 / — Award-winning musical artists Rhandzu Lucretia and Will Diehl are delighted to announce the release of their debut single, So Freely, as part of their new international songwriting collaboration. The single is now available worldwide on all major digital music platforms. The two artists collaborated virtually during the pandemic and found that their respective styles created a unique sound, and they decided to release a single together.

So Freely is a multi-genre mix of world music, jazz and pop with lyrics in two languages ​​- Xitsonga and English. One reviewer noted that “the vocal performance is amazing, the songwriting is brilliant, and the production brings in a dark alternate sound that really makes this record go beyond music, but just pure art for fun. of the world”.

Rhandzu Lucretia is a soulful South African artist who fuses her Tsonga tradition with modern contemporary influences from around the world. She recently received the Best Xitsonga Song award at the MAMMA (Mpumalanga Music and Media Awards) in South Africa. Her influences include R&B and Pop music, and she has a passion for blues, jazz and soul music. Rhandzu Lucretia’s music can be found on all digital platforms.

Rhandzu Lucretia studied music at Eastside College and later earned a degree in fashion design at Tshwane University of Technology. In the end, she started to carve out a career as an entrepreneur in several industries.

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, Rhandzu Lucretia realized that she had strayed from her life’s purpose. It was during this crisis that she had time to start working on her music again. She notes that “Everything in life has been planned with precision. Nothing happens without a reason. The intention is always for our good. I believe that opportunity presents itself during a crisis. It’s not always dressed in a way attractive and it takes a willing soul to recognize it when it comes.”

Will Diehl is a US-based and touring international singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who has released hundreds of songs as a solo artist. Diehl’s music spans Americana, rock, pop, jazz, environmental, meditation, and instrumental. In his early years, he took classical piano lessons, took up drums and played clarinet in a band and orchestra. He bought his first guitar in college and immediately started writing songs and performing at local venues. After college he moved to New York, worked for a music publisher, performed on the streets and performed in open mics at clubs in Greenwich Village such as Folk City, The Bitter End , The Other End and CBGB. While in New York, Diehl met director George Giglio, and they co-wrote The Amazing Musical Adventures of Herbert, a musical produced by the Boston Children’s Theater.

Diehl has contributed music to short films/documentaries and has written an original piano piece for a production of the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater in Boston. Diehl and his band opened for Todd Rundgren and Greg Kihn in the San Francisco and Lake Tahoe areas and played clubs such as Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles. Diehl toured and performed at folk festivals, clubs and cafes as a solo artist after the release of his debut album “I’m Free”.

Just before the pandemic, Diehl and Giglio worked together again, and Diehl served as director of education for the award-winning documentary Arapaho Truths (, which will air on PBS. Since the start of the pandemic, Diehl has released three albums of original material (Set It Free, Days of Summer and Two Streams Collide), and he has also written and produced with other songwriters around the world.

“Working remotely with my new friend Rhandzu Lucretia was a wonderful experience. I heard her music and reached out, and we met on Zoom towards the end of the summer. I had previously written an instrumental piece, I shared it with her, and she wrote a beautiful melody and lyrics for it. She’s an amazing singer-songwriter and I encourage everyone to check out her other songs,” said said Diehl.

Both artists are currently working on more material and plan to release more music in 2022.

Anyone interested in learning more can find their music under their respective names on all major music platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Pandora, YouTube, etc., and all social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

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So Freely – Rhandzu Lucretia & Will Diehl’s new World, Jazz, Pop fusion music single now available worldwide