Atul Gupta on the release of his self-produced music albums

Atul Gupta, singer-songwriter and music producer released her debut album ‘My Best Days Were With Her’ in 2020 and her second album ‘Soulart’ in 2021 says, “There have been a lot of things that have caught my eye. inspired while creating these albums and I had tried to channel all the emotions I felt during that time, it was a difficult process as I had to finish all the main part of producing the albums by myself. was actually inspired by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam’s speech on dreams. “

Atul Gupta, who is currently working on his third album, has released a few tracks as singles, including “I Miss You Today”, “Above The Sky”, “Kinds of lies” and “Everytime I’m Falling Down” says: “I had been working on these songs for a long time and for this next album I would like to collaborate with as many artists as possible. ”He adds that finishing the albums / tracks has been an amazing experience as he got to experiment a lot with his style of production.

“I’ve listened to a variety of albums since childhood and whatever inspired me at that point, I tried to reflect that in my music. I didn’t let a specific genre hold me back. and I kept experimenting with my albums ‘my best days were with her’ and ‘Soulart’. ”says Atul about his music and how he likes different genres.

Atul also started his own production house “Young Homie” says: “It was not an easy step to give up and start music full time, eventually people started to like our work and since then I “I have been able to work on many projects with so many artists. I would love to collaborate with Indian producers and I would also like to compose with other musicians”, he concludes.

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