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Over the past decade, Atlanta has been called home by many talented artists. This city offers a sound unlike any other, whether it’s hip-hop or metal. While it is nearly impossible to select the best Atlanta albums, there are ten that have really defined the past decade.

Deerhunter’s enigmatic 2010 album “Halcyon Digest” helped shape the start of the decade with its atmospheric instrumentation and hypnotic vocals. This album created a melting pot of all the previous decades and gathered the best part of different eras. The single “Earthquake” is reminiscent of the slowcore movement while another song on the album, “Revival”, is the opposite and offers a doo-wop and surfer rock sound.

With an unmistakable tone and catchy, infectious lyrics, CeeLo Green more than impressed with his 2010 third solo album, “The Lady Killer”. “Forget You,” initially titled more explicitly, became an instant hit with its repetitive hook that couldn’t help but get stuck in listeners’ heads after one listen. While this song alone makes this album deserve to be on this list, the other tracks on the album are definitely worth listening to.

Atlanta-based metal band Mastodon had long made a name for themselves, but the 2011 album, “Hunter,” further bolstered their rise in the city’s grindcore and progressive metal community. This group has established itself as one of the biggest influences in the progressive rock boom in Atlanta and beyond. The remarkable tracks “Black Tongue” and “Blasteroid” feature complex rhythms and corrosive vocals that linger long after listening.

In his 2012 album, “Based on a TRU Story”, rapper 2 Chainz helps carry the torch of those who came before him with his southern hip-hop drawl and pairs it with his sound of “trap music. “. This album is washed down with heavy synths and obscene lyrics. 2 Chainz’s flow is one of a kind, and he proves it with the tracks “Birthday Song” and “I’m Different”. This album finds the perfect balance between its sampling and its vocals without neglecting any of the components.

Although Atlanta royalty Outkast has not released any albums in this decade, half of the acclaimed hip-hop duo, Big Boi has released quite a few solo albums since leaving the group. On his 2012 album, “Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors,” Big Boi pays homage to the city that made it with the song “In the a” and features other notable rappers from Atlanta, Ludacris and TI. This album reminds listeners how influential Big Boi has been in hip-hop country.

Compton rapper YG brought his West Coast sound to Atlanta in 2014 when he recorded his album “My Krazy Life” in Home Park, a neighborhood close to Georgia Tech. YG fuses hometown pride and gangster rap with sound produced by Atlanta. The “Left, Right” and “BPT” tracks adopt heavy basslines and percussion sampling as well as steamy lyrics.

Atlanta trap-boy golden boys Migos released “Culture” in 2017 and left their mark on the city’s rap scene. The track “Bad and Boujee” featured tight percussion and a rap flow that mimics the backing instrumentation on the track. This song was also responsible for popularizing the term “Bad and Boujee” around the world. Another remarkable track that has become an anthem overnight is “T-Shirt”. The rap trio are best known for their triplet-flow and funky trap.

Atlanta-based alternative rock band, Manchester Orchestra, more than impressed when they released their fifth studio album, “A Black Mile to the Surface”, in 2017. The album is packed with anecdotal and heart-wrenching lyrics. voice. For an album that only took a few months to complete, it looks like it went on for years. The remarkable tracks “The Grocery” and “The Alien” center on complex and philosophical themes. Each song offers great depth and complex storytelling, making it feel like a complete book.

Misnomer is a collective of musicians who challenge the jazz genre. Their 2018 album, “Neighborhood” strikes a balance between funk and the sound of a big band. The remarkable tracks “Rippin” and “Breakdown” both have a groove that cannot be ignored by listeners, even those who are not jazz fans. They’ll be performing at Vinyl later this month for anyone who wants to check out
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Young alternative folk artist Faye Webster grabbed the nation’s attention in 2019 after the release of her third studio album, “Atlanta Millionaires Club.” He could be listened to from cover to cover without ever wanting to skip a track. Webster’s crooning is a step above whispering, but her mellow manner works wonderfully as she tells a new story on every song. The standout tracks “Jonny”, “Room Temperature” and “Kingston” exemplify her unique voice and eye-catching tone.

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