5 best electronic music artists to follow on Audius – EDM.com

It’s no secret that the blockchain-based streaming service Audius has taken the electronic music world by storm since its inception. As cryptocurrency becomes more accessible and valuable, it looks like the polarizing platform is here for the long haul.

Positioning itself as a disruptor and threat to SoundCloud’s dominance in the digital space, Audius is the perfect blend of innovation, controversy and dazzling in one platform. And with a user base that seems to grow faster than a daisy in the summer, it’s no wonder the service’s flagship $ AUDIO token recently hit its all-time high.

Countless great electronic artists have supported Audius and released music through the single platform, like Excision, REZZ, and Dillon Francis, among others. Here are five that Audius users should watch out for.


Electronic prodigy TYNAN is considered by many to be an artist holding the baton for the next wave of bass music stars. Thanks to his fierce production, known for his quirky, metallic sound design, he is one of the genre’s most sought-after collaborators. TYNAN’s Audius profile contains a number of edits that have been flushed out by countless major artists, like his villainous flip from GRiZ and “Griztronics” from Subtronics.

Pauline Herr

Pauline Herr is a real triple threat who sings, writes and produces haunting dance music. His Audius page reflects his versatility as an artist with his diverse collection of music, which ranges from dreamy indietronica to future euphoric bass. An undeniable highlight, however, is the The revenge of a blonde-inspired by “Bend & Snap”, a stiletto heel disco track that would be the pride of Elle Woods.



A wizard of sampling, Oshi is revered in music production circles as one of the most technically savvy artists in the electronic scene. His icy and hypnotic rhythms have a sound signature and have made the London beatsmith an undisputed innovator. He recently uploaded “the oshi redo collection”, a song cycle of beautiful remixes of tracks that dominated the SoundCloud boom of the nineties.



The legendary trio Nero shocked the electronic music community in March 2021, when they returned after a two-year hiatus by uploading a jaw-dropping edit of Daft Punk’s “Emotion” to Audius. They revealed the track was one of five upcoming releases, two of which have already been revealed. Needless to say, fans should follow Nero on the platform to hear the two remaining changes during the drop.

Mr. Carmack


The Audius account of famous trap and hip-hop producer Mr. Carmack is something to admire. It’s basically a microcosm of his career, which he achieved in part by randomly throwing ridiculous beats at one point. The quirky yet striking nature of its productions is encapsulated not only in its most popular downloads, but also in those that troll listeners, like NSFW’s “Buttcrack”.

Honorable mention: Skrillex


Skrillex’s lack of new music is getting more and more infuriating with each passing day, but fans can find solace in the fact that he has a verified Audius account. The page currently only has one song, “Kliptown Empyrean,” but it’s certainly worth keeping up with the chance he downloads music to keep fans waiting for his highly anticipated second album.