5 actors you didn’t know have released music albums!

Of course, we all have that favorite actor or actress we believe to be the pinnacle of talent and we feel like we know every possible detail about them. But, we bet you didn’t know there’s a whole host of famous movie and TV stars who also had budding careers in the music industry. And no, I’m not talking about singer-songwriters with later acting careers, like J.Lo. It’s true! There are a whole bunch of celebrities who have albums and songs that you probably didn’t know about. So just when you think you know all about this favorite celebrity, she can always surprise you. Here is a list of our 5 most shocking actors/actresses who surprisingly have albums:

(SPOILER ALERT: most of them are pretty good!)

1. Scarlett Johanson

If you were shocked that ScarJo made this list, brace yourself – not only does she have one album, she has two! His debut album, titled Wherever I lay my head, was released in 2008. It received mixed reviews from critics, but we loved it! He even has voices from the legend himself, david bowie, so how not to love it? She then released her second album titled To break up. She also blessed us with some music videos, which I think are now considered part of Hollywood history.

2. Lucy Hale

Our favorite pretty little liar also has her own album, and yes, it’s a country album. I mean, obviously. It’s called The road between and she actually recorded and released it while filming “PLL.” She was also supposed to go on tour but unfortunately has to cancel for vocal reasons. When the album was first released it was pretty well received, and in our opinion the album is kind of a go-to if you’re in the mood for something that makes you feel good.

3. Brie Larson

Oh Brie Larson, what can not she does ?! At this point, the answer seems to be “nothing”. She can sing, write music, act – the list goes on. In 2005, she released her first pop album named Finally out of PE, which is about the trials and tribulations of adolescence (of course!). Our only problem is that she never released more! But, she gave us part of the soundtrack of her big cinematic success, Room. I bet you didn’t know she was also the voice behind the music in this movie! Talk about talent!

4. Michel Cera

Even though Michael Cera is one of the funniest people on the planet, this album is no joke. He’s actually a great singer and we’re kind of obsessed with this album. If you haven’t listened to it at least once, you must! It debuted in 2014 and it’s sort of in the indie folk music category. Shocking, right? Our favorite track is “Clay Pigeons”, so if you only listen to one, make it this one. Also, if you need good study music, that’s a good thing.

5. Leighton Meester

This may shock some people and not others at all… Leighton Meester – yes, Blair from “Gossip Girl” – is actually the voice of one of your favorite songs. And how do we know that? Well, that’s a secret we’ll never tell… Just kidding, it’s everyone’s favorite song! Yes, Leighton is featured on Cobra shipit is “Good Girls Go Bad”. Iconic, right? Well, she also has her own album and a long and successful singing career. His debut album, titled heart stringswas released in 2014. Go ahead and listen to it!

BRB while we’re going to listen to each again to find out which one is our new favorite. Which one were you most surprised by?