2022 Forecast: Los Angeles Musical Artists to Watch With Ryan LeVine

If Los Angeles singer / songwriter Ryan LeVine isn’t on your radar just yet, he’s about to be. A haunting crooner and heartache punter, LeVine’s debut EP Good things to remember has just been released and offers a hard look at the wreckage of the last years of the artist’s life. The road to these five transcendent songs began in 2018, when a series of personal and professional relationships fell apart, leaving LeVine stunned and broken. Without any clear path, he made the difficult but necessary choice of simply sitting down with these uncertain feelings – the result of which are the thematic growths of Good things to remember.

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Songs like “You Don’t Hold The Cards Anymore” and “Signs” fully expose LeVine’s evolution as an individual and artist, invoking his cutting edge writing and anthemic blend of folk and rock. The EP not only shows the depth of LeVine’s introspection, but also his lucid ability and willingness to be so transparent about some of the most difficult times of his life so far. It is this voracious honesty that gives the thunderous and sonorous folk songs on Good things to remember such a piercing sparkle.

LeVine himself is not a newcomer, as the singer / songwriter had already spent seven years and two contracts with a major record company as the frontman of Wildling. But without a doubt, LeVine is now well ahead of this part of his musical career and with the release of Good things to remember its reintroduction is in progress.

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To celebrate the EP’s release, LeVine gave fans a live debut of his songs at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles last December, and while it may have been his only date of the year, keep an eye out. on the dates of 2022! LeVine’s mighty howlers of grief and what follows were meant to be heard in one of LA’s many intimate locations, so be sure to catch him when he hits the road again.

Good things to remember is the most important music I have released to date, ”Levine said of the album. “It feels like both a highlight and a recovery of the last decade. A decade spent looking, looking for something that I couldn’t understand, a sound, words, a voice… I won’t say that I found it, because I think I will always look, but today ‘ hui, I recognize myself more intimately than ever in these songs.

Visit Ryan LeVine Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date on new releases and tour announcements.

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