The pandemic may have canceled live performances and theatrical releases for most of 2020, but for movie music lovers, that simply meant more time at home listening to their favorite music, including music. numerous releases of music never heard before outside of their original cinematic contexts. “There’s always an insatiableRead More →

It was a pretty good year for music but a miserable one for music lovers. While the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t exactly stopped artists from putting out excellent albums, fans couldn’t see their favorite new songs performed live. Listening to an artist’s tracks on Spotify gives us a glimpse of theirRead More →

ten Brandee Younger and Dezron Douglas – Force Majeure Recorded during lockdown in the couple’s New York apartment, Force Majeure (named after the fine print of a contract referring to extraordinary events, such as a global pandemic) sees harpist Brandee Younger and double bassist Dezron Douglas, in duo on aRead More →

Nadia Boulanger is known more as a teacher than a composer, and the work of her sister Lili, who died in the pandemic a century ago, has been almost entirely overlooked. In these crystal-clear performances, Phan and Huang make an almost eloquent argument for the enduring value of their music.Read More →

Hometown: Gardendale, Alabama Recent project: The country pop single “Shut It Down”, Apple Music radio host The Tiera Show First artist she was obsessed with: Taylor Swift When Tiera first arrived in Nashville, Tennessee, she wondered if her career could follow Taylor Swift’s path. “I was like, I’m going toRead More →