13 BIPOC musical artists for children

We know how important it is to expose children to music from an early age. Plus, there are so many amazing children’s music artists who help kids grow in their early development. As we try to diversify our children’s media input, consider including more musicians representing BIPOC in their daily music jams. Here are some musicians to get you started.

Uncle Devin

Uncle Devin uses percussion instruments to take children on a musical journey with impactful life lessons. For example, in his song See you in the picture, Uncle Devin, “No matter how other people see you, you are nobody’s shame.” You are indeed in the picture … in a beautiful way. Listen to this song and more on Spotify.

Ella Jenkins

Some of us may remember listening to Ella Jenkins as a child. You can introduce legendary children’s folk song to your kids with this Spotify playlist. Fun fact: she is from the South Side of Chicago!

Queen of Culture


Everyone feels like royalty with Culture Queen. On Spotify, you can listen to his stimulating songs that will make every child feel special. Culture Queen’s affirmations and upbeat music will also help build your child’s confidence.

Akili and me

YouTube has lots of amazing educational videos for kids. Add Akili and I to your child’s watchlist. Made in Africa, the YouTube channel features 4-year-old Akili learning the alphabet, shapes, counting and more through fun songs.

Nanny Nikki

Sing and fly with Nanny Nikki! The interactive children’s entertainer combines music, story time, dancing and puppetry with all of her energetic performances. You watch some of his videos from the comfort of your home on YouTube.

Big Don

Your favorite classic children’s song takes a hip-hop twist with Big Don. He even has a Christmas hip-hop album for kids. According to his website, the Austin-based artist sadly passed away in 2018, but his music can still be cherished by families on Spotify.

Jazzy Ashes

Jazzy Ash and his band from New Orleans are bringing jazz to the next generation. You’ll love hearing swing classics like “Coming Around the Mountain” and “When the Saints Go Marching In”. Listen to more music from Jazzy Ash on Spotify.

123 Andres

If you want your child to learn Spanish or if they already speak it at home, 123 Andrés has great music for children. Listen to more on their YouTube or Spotify.

Kuumba Children

Did you know that “Kuumba” means creativity in Swahili? Sing along with Kuumba Kids on Spotify. Their lively music teaches children about the rich culture of Africa. Instead of singing for Old Macdonald had a farm for the 100th time listen African Savannah which tells children all about lions, giraffes and other animals that live in Africa.

Niki’s music class

Niki is not your ordinary teacher because she knows how to make music exciting for children. Discover colors in Spanish or sing a new alphabet song. Find more of his clips on YouTube or Facebook.

Little Miss Anne

Little Miss Ann is an award-winning children’s musician in Chicago. She is a Filipino American mom and generation. She’s made five children’s albums full of touching originals and reimagined classics. Find more of his songs on YouTube and Spotify.

Pierce Freelon

Pierce Freelon celebrates black fatherhood with his debut album, DAD Inspired by his own father’s journey, the hip-hop, soul and electronic musician is said to have incorporated voice memo recordings of himself and his children into the songs. Listen to more on YouTube and Spotify.

Saul paul

Austin singer, songwriter and rapper Saul Paul uses inspirational songs to inspire and empower our next generation. Her third album for children will be released on August 28. Listen to more of his music on YouTube and Spotify.

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