10 rock music albums expected in 2022

As we slowly recover from the Coronavirus hangover, life is getting more enjoyable day by day. Last year we saw a moderate return to normalcy, with concert halls reopening and music festivals dispersing. With Glastonbury returning this year, after a two-year hiatus, we can look forward to the triumphant return of music’s most treasured time: festival season.

Muddy fields, overpriced beer, heatstroke and mass songs – we missed them all. So it’s only fitting that we have a number of acclaimed bands, old and new, ready to release records just in time to get us hyped enough for the summer.

Although we are still awaiting release dates for several of these discs, they have all been confirmed for this year. There have been a slew of singles dropped over the past few months, all worthy of the caliber of the bands on this list.

If these tunes are to be believed, 2022 will be one hell of a good year for rock music.

Jack White may not have released an album since Boarding House Reach in 2018, but he’s catching up on the four-year gap by dropping not one, but two this year. The first should arrive in April, the second in July.

So far, we’ve been teased with three tracks, which feature the hallmarks of Jack White’s signature sound. Taking Me Back is a classic riff-driven number, with fuzzed guitar driving the song forward. White also released a folk-inspired version of the track titled Take me back (gently). With suitably sprightly fiddlework and a touch of honkytonk piano, the sound is less in line with White’s garage rock tendencies and more in line with his country sensibilities. Less than two weeks ago he dropped out love is selfish. It’s another side of White we know well: an acoustic country ballad that hears him regale us with daydreams about troubled love.

White revealed he’s exploring new territory with his current projects, but if those tracks have anything to do with it, it’s ground he’s trod before…that doesn’t mean it won’t. nice, though. Jack White has an instantly recognizable sound – much loved by rock fans. Even though it’s more or less the same, people will love it.